Trust & Estate Planning/Probate

In today’s time, it is better to stay ready so you won’t have to get ready. For example, already having a strategic trust plan or will in place, just in case you or a loved one experiences a life-threatening situation is essential. 

At Dortch Law Group, we educate you throughout the planning process to ensure you’re well aware of the wealth protection plan that’s being established to meet your expectations.

Will/Trust: When you have a Will/Trust in place, you are being proactive and looking out for those who love you and who are willing to step in and fill the duties you supervised before incatipated or death. Harsh? Just a bit, but it’s necessary to protect you and your family’s estate and assets. 

Our job is to help you identify the person(s) who will eventually take over and handle your personal affairs once you have transitioned. This person’s duties will consist of:

  • Becoming a guardian for any minor children
  • Gathering assets
  • Paying final bills
  • Arranging for filing and payment of income and estate tax filing and inventory, and accounting with the court
  • Communicating with heirs
  • Distributing Assets

Why do you need a Trust?

Having a Trust in place helps to allocate who will take over your estate and hold the title to the trust property. Whoever you name as your Trustee or Beneficiary in your Trust, is the person who receives the benefits of the Trust.

According to Cornell Law School, many trusts have created an alternative to or in conjunction with a will and the elements of estate planning. State law establishes the framework for determining the validity and limits for both. 

Lastly, the probate process is the most crucial because this is when our team of attorneys will examine and determine the legitimacy of your will/trust. It also comes in handy if a will/trust has never been established. At this time, our firm will develop asset protection strategies to ensure you and your loved ones are properly in a position to acquire wealth.