Real Estate

Real Estate Law generally refers to the property laws that control the ownership or use of land.  This branch of civil law governs your ability to possess, use, and enjoy the land and the permanent additions attached to it, i.e. a home.

Real Estate transactions and real estate financing can be complex, particularly since multiple parties and large sums of money are generally involved in any real estate deal. Fortunately, this inevitability can easily be navigated with the knowledgeable and experienced Dortch Law Team.

Trust & Estate planning/probate

A Trust is a legal fiduciary arrangement that allows you to set up your assets to be held and managed by a Trustee, and the person or firm you appoint to this role will be responsible for ensuring that your estate is handled in the manner you’ve outlined. 

Contrary to belief, Trusts can be beneficial for estates of all sizes. A common misconception is that an Estate Planning Trust is only suitable for the extremely wealthy. But the reality is, there are many benefits to a Trust.

Business Formation

You want to start a business? Well there’s no time like the present. Now, more than ever, starting a business can take your dreams to new heights. We have the professional services you need and the right “touch” to ensure that you have everything to start and maintain your business idea. 

The goal of most business is to prosper and expand. We will provide our legal and business skills to move your  business interests forwaard. It will take your best efforts to make your creation a success and we’re here for you during your process.