Real Estate

What is Real Estate Law?

Simply put, Real Estate law covers everything involved in the purchase, use, and enjoyment of land and the permanent man-made structures on them.  That means the buildings, landscaping, etc. are all wrapped up under the umbrella of Real Estate Law. While it is important to know the laws, there is also the contract negotiations that take place between the buyer and the seller in a transaction which are important to know.

Why do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Having a firm like Dortch Law Group representing you is really one of the best decisions you can do after you have decided on a property.  We understand the ins and outs of Real Estate, and the necessary verbiage and contract formats that ensure that your interests are protected.  

We have all heard horror stories of someone buying a home or a property only to find out that there’s a lien on the property, or something wasn’t disclosed that should have been.  What happens when you go to move into a house only to find out that things you thought were considered part of the property were removed by the former owner?  Is your Realtor trying to pull a fast one?  What can you do?

For many people trying to purchase Real Estate, these are very real fears and things that can keep them up at night.  Pavielle Dortch and her team are here to make sure that this never happens to you.  You can sleep soundly knowing that your team is working to make sure that your purchase process goes smoothly.  

We make sure that the contracts are executed properly, that everything is clearly defined, and that you understand the entire process from start to finish without feeling confused, lost, or stressed.