Business Formation

Starting up a new venture or business is exciting.  It’s a time when you feel creative and dream of a better future.  It can be easy to get caught up in the operational side of a business and forget to take care of the legal matters.  These can include things like:

  • What kind of company do you want to set up? (LLC, Partnership, S-Corp, C-Corp)
  • Do you have an ironclad agreement with any partners or investors?
  • Do you need a DBA (Doing Business As)?
  • Do you have terms and conditions outlined and available for your customers?
  • Do you have a clear refund policy?
  • What about contracts for your employees or independent contractors?  Do you need NDA Agreements or Non Competes?

Such things can often feel daunting and even a little discouraging, after all, you want to pursue your dreams and create a new future for yourself, not figure out paperwork and government laws right?  You can rely on Dortch Law Group to make sure all your bases are covered legally, giving you the peace of mind to go out and do the best work you can.  The future of your company is protected from it’s start when you start with Dortch Law Group.