Pavielle Dortch

Attorney at law

Atlanta’s Magnolia. She symbolizes resilience and hope; while epitomizing grace under pressure.


Pavielle Dortch

Attorney at Law

Being the support, encouragement,
and strength needed in life.

Purchasing a home is a big decision. It is sometimes one of the largest transactions a person will make in their lifetime.  That is why it is important to  work with an accountable  settlement agency.

Our mission is to provide free and clear title expeditiously through mutual cooperation between all involved by way of precise communication. Ultimately, we desire to simplify the closing process through offering status updates throughout the transaction.

Each property has a unique history, and sometimes that history includes defects that have been hidden for years. And, without the proper help, it may be difficult for an individual to handle. These issues can include errors in the public records, unknown liens, illegal deeds, missing heirs or estates, just to name a few. Due to these issues, people can feel lost and hopeless.

In order to repair the issues on the title, our team thoroughly reviews the property’s history, and establish the best course of action needed to resolve the matter. We utilize our vast legal knowledge to determine whether this matter will take one phone call or if it will require litigation.

Estate administration is the process of managing and distributing a person’s property (the “estate”) after death. Before assets can be distributed to the heirs, the estate must be established through probate, which is the process by which a petition to the probate court is submitted to prove the applicant can carry out his or her duties of administering the decedent’s estate.

At the Law offices of Pavielle Dortch, we will guide estate administrators through this process, making sure that things run as smoothly as possible.